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Travel report judging Uruguay

Judging Report from South America
by Jim Sidey, Strathblane, Waikari – honoured to be invited to judge in South America in September.

The following is his trip report.

Champion ram at Prado – 2014. Judge Jim Sidey on left.


To The Corriedale Council & Breeders.

On the 6th of September I arrived in Uruguay and was picked up at the airport by Dr Luis Carrau Gallinal, who was a true gentleman. Luis took me to the Hotel and then we went to visit Alberto & Isabell Gallinal, eldest son of Dr Alberto Gallinal Heber from San Pedro.I have had their son Chino to stay for two weeks and he also had two nights with Doc & Jan Sidey (Glenovis). Monday was spent judging the non-pedigree Corriedale ewes and rams. Tuesday was the main judging whichwas a great thrill to be involved with. Refugio got champion ewe; a well-balanced ewe with a good fleece and a good set of twin lambs. Grand Champion Ram went to Monzon Chico (SantiSaienz) which was the best sheep at the show by 20%. A really well balanced ram with an outstanding head and an excellent carcass; great bone and a good, heavycutting Fleece, as well as San Pedro for the best sire’s Head.

IMG_2024Wednesday Luis took me to San Pedro which was anawesome experience seeing such a brilliant place. I stayed at Alberto Gallinal’s farm next door and was looked after like a king. The next day we looked around their farm & Luis’ which was great. That night we headed off to La Carolina. I stayed at Mazo Paysse’s house. There to meet me was his family, including Pablo Paysee who I judged with at Prado. A great family and I was very well looked after – fantastic people and an experience I’ll never forget.The next day I looked at sheep at La Carolina and had ahuge BBQ lunch followed by dinner at Pablo and Allie’s house with the odd wine! We were joined by Peio Saienz. Next move was back to Mazo’s house for the night and after saying goodbyes I was off at 5.30 amto Hilberto Saienz for lunch – once I finally got Peio up. It was great to meet all their family and stay at Mrs Saienz’s house – a great family and a lot of fun.

The next day was off to Luis & Gabriele Carrau’s place at Punta de Lesta. It was a highlight to see such an amazing city – the population is 40,000 people over winter and 500,000 people in the summer with thebeach being the main attraction. There are a lot from Brazil and Argentina. Wish I was 30. Luis and Gabriele were amazing hosts and made my trip really enjoyable, dropping me at the airport the next day to fly home and see Ramona and the girls who did a great job looking after the farm while I was away. It was a wonderful trip. Thank you to Greg and the Corriedale Society for donating the ribbons which were greatly appreciated by the winners at Prado Show.  Jim Sidey


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Strathblane wins at Canterbury A&P Show

By Tim Cronshaw - The Press - Read the original article here

 Supreme champs take another bow.

Champion 2013
SUPREME WINNER: Canterbury A and P Show’s Supreme Champion Wool Animal winner is Jim Sidey from Waikari.

It was a ditto day yesterday for the main winners of the top meat and wool sheep competitions in the sheep ring at the Canterbury A&P Show.

Waikari breeders Jim and Ramona Sidey won the all-breeds supreme champion wool animal title last year and repeated the effort yesterday.

They will be saying farewell soon to their latest supreme champion wool sheep, a 2-year-old ram sold to Uruguay owners for an undisclosed sum.

Jim Sidey said he had to separate sheep breeding from sentimentality and the offer made was too good to refuse.

“He and the reserve champion are off to Uruguay. We still have sons by him and semen from him, but it is a bit of a loss. It’s the most I have ever had and a pretty good price for a corriedale.”

The ram, bred from bloodlines in the Strathblane Corriedale Stud, was also the champion corriedale ram, supreme champion corriedale and in the corriedale section was awarded the best sires fleece and ram with best head.

Another 4-year-old Sidey ram was the reserve champion and, with the 2-year-old, won the champion of champion wool-breeding pair for the first time for the Sideys.

The Sidey family’s corriedales have won the top trophy five times.

Sidey said the young ram was an “exceptional animal” with an outstanding open-faced head and highly rated in the top line, loin and headquarters.

“You have to keep the emotion out of it, which isn’t easy because we were going to bring him to the show again next year.”

The Sideys also have links to a corriedale ram from Uruguay sold to a Brazilian woman, attending the show yesterday, for US$50,000 (NZ$60,341) as they had bred its grandfather at their fifth generation stud.

The other defending champion celebrating again was Christina Jordan, from Willowhaugh Stud in Blenheim, who won the all-breeds supreme meat champion title with her top southdown ram, Bill of Clifton Downs. The ram sired the winner of the best carcass sheep award and the trio won the all breeds food and fibre trifecta.

As last year’s champion Bill, now 3, met Prince Charles and Camilla in the penultimate livestock competition, as did a Sidey ram.

Jordan said Bill and two of his sons were the breeding mainstay of the Willowhaugh stud.

“He’s anatomically sound and a well-muscled sheep and easy going as well as being good natured. His progeny have taken on his muscularity and temperament.”

Jordan bought Bill from Waimate breeder Chris Medlicott for $8500 in 2012 at the Canterbury ram and ewe sale.

She said his first crop of rams would go on the market soon as commercial and stud sires.

– The Press – Read the original article here